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I am a doctor and I have been assisting patients using medical cannabis since 2014. I attend the most relevant congresses and global events on the subject and I am also a speaker in Brazil and Latin America. My interest started when I witnessed an oncological treatment in association with medical Cannabis and the results impressed me a lot.

I gathered the best information that you need to know about two subjects that complement each otherdue to the individuality of their therapeutic forms; medical cannabis and functional medicine.

I brought national and international guests for you to hear and learn much more!

Thevast majority of medical cannabis patients have their individualized protocol, just like functional medicine. If we are different every day, imagine among ourselves.

Functional medicine opens the gap between health and disease and teaches us that our daily lives are much more important than the genetic load that we inherit from our family members; and that we can change, now.

We know about the relationship between food, the immune system and the endocannabinoid system, which can even be “activated” by certain chemicals present in food, and that your gut is also related to the brain via these two mechanisms.

Body care will only be fully fruitful if you are also working on your mental health. The mind is relentless and tells us thousands of stories. We don’t know how to stop the flow of thoughts or relax. We live in a constant state of “flight and fear”. We can stop feeling that way. We have tools for that. You can become master of your health.

So follow my channel suggestions for health and knowledge so that you will be the great protagonist of your story!

Medical cannabis can help many people, but it is extremely important that we gather knowledge about it. There are contraindications and cautions for teenagers, for example.

Stick aound, use my social networks to spread the word, it’s time to really talk about our health so you can depend on your body when you need it most, which are the last 10 years of life.

If you understand that planning your health guarantees your happiness and take this topic seriously, you can be whoever you want, as the best version of yourself!


Dra Paula Dall Stella

Folks, I interviewed the most important personalities of medical cannabis, among them researchers, doctors, activists and specialists in this area, so you can stay on top of everything that happens here and in the world! Follow my interview channel on Youtube to keep up-to-date on the latest news!

Raphael Mechoulam and cannabidiol against cancer

Cannabinoids have been known for many years to have positive effects in the treatment of various diseases. Raphael Mechoulam, Professor Emeritus at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, comments on studies about how cannabidiol kills cancer cells in brain tumors, in a process called “apoptosis” (cell death).

Doctor Ethan Russo explains the entourage effect

Dr Ethan Russo explains to us why cannabidiol is one of the safest drugs he knows.

Indications and risks of the medical use of cannabis

Danielle Piomelli, a neuroscientist at the University of California, explains how recent studies have already demonstrated the effectiveness of cannabinoids in nausea caused by chemotherapy and in chronic pain situations.


What are cannabinoids?

The term cannabinoid generically refers to one of the substances found or extracted from cannabis sativa. CBD is not intoxicating. THC can be used for medicinal purposes.

Side Effects of Medical Cannabis Treatment

Understand the side effects and major limitations of treatment with medical cannabis.

Functional Medicine – treat the entire system, not just the symptoms

Prescribed combinations of medicines, vitamins and minerals, ancient botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detox programs and specific stress control techniques guarantee as much effectiveness, or more, than traditional allopathic medicines.